Ladies Auxiliary

For over 70 years, the Ladies Auxiliary of the New Egypt Fire Company has backed the firefighters and strived to encourage and support them, providing refreshments when the firefighters are on long duty at a fire or emergency. We do fundraising events, such as the Chinese Auction, wedding parties, and other event parties.

Pam Friedrich
Vice President
Debbie Grover
Carrie Kuncken
Sherma Heiss

In Memory of Our Deceased Members
Venia Halpin
Aline Grant
Evelyn Errickson
Audrey Bullock
Eileen Strange
Evelyn Hartshorn
Vera Challender
Julia Johnson
Florence M Castlow
Laura Moore
Florence Palmer
Leia M. Brown
Bertha Weaver
Jeannie Walton
Ethel Tilghman
Marjorie Pullen
Kathryn Fischer
Helen Black
Geneva Grant Wayke
Elsie M. Grubby
Jennie Homer
Mary Glaze
Julia Excel Schrnidt
Fran Galucci
Gloria Morrison
Dorothy Emery
Elizabeth Halpin
Dorothy South
Lottie Buckalew
Lou Price
Pam Lovett
Gertrude Johnson
Vivian Hartshorn
Adair Cubberly
Eva Potter
Dorothy G. Ivins
Lois Thomas
Sarah Jean Baylies
Jane B. Smith
Gwendolyn S. Huss
Gertrude Allen
Linda South
Margaret Errickson
Bella Delzell
Lila Davis
Ada Hopkins
Sally Glaze
Madeline LaChance
Dorothy Johnson
Sally Kosciolek
Gloria Rothgeb
Barbara Cottrell
Janey Amburgey
Esther Freck
Sarah Jo Mains


Station 39