There are currently 8 types of membership in the New Egypt Fire Company. They are simply stated as follows:

PROBATIONARY MEMBER: This is a new member of the fire company that will serve 1 year probation. Depending on their review they will either become a regular Active member or may have their probationary period extended for up to 1 more year.

ACTIVE MEMBER: Any member beyond their probationary period who regularly participates in firehouse functions be it firematic or administrative. This can be limited based on their membership classification and/or qualification.

EXEMPT MEMBER: Any member who maintains Active status and achives at least 60% participation of fire calls and drills for 7 years, which need not be consecutive.

LIFE MEMBER: Those members who achived Exempt status and give an additional 5 years of at least 60% for a total of 12 years.

HONORARY MEMBER: Usually a member of the community who is recognized for outstanding service to the Fire Company. There are no other requirements, duties or privileges for this type of membership.

JUNIOR MEMBER: Must be between the ages of 16 and 18. They must maintain a C or better grade in school. Their participation is limited and where applicable in accordance with the child labor laws.

ASSOCIATE MEMBER: Mainly those individuals who wish to regularly help us with non-firematic functions for example fundraisers.

TRANSFERRED MEMBER: An individual who joins coming from another company. They must produce all training and transfer their line number with the State Relief Association. They will also serve a probationary period as a new member.



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